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11-18-2012, 11:20 PM
Originally Posted by wolfpack12c View Post
Judging how all of you are complaining I gather 2 things.
1) you guys didn't play the STF's when they first came out and you did both ground and space at the same time, didn't have all the p2w stuff and it took even the most well organized and thought out groups 30 mins to do them.
2) you must be running builds from season 6. Read the patch notes and you will change a lot of your Boffs and doffs around. I'm using a pvp build and I have no issue soloing a cube in my little (non vesta) sci ship. Welcome to the way it used to be everyone hope you in joy it because I actually am. It's called a challenge its what makes endgame fun.
Yeah, because this has a lot of impact on projectiles one-shotting you? Or plasma fire burning through your entire hull in less than 15 seconds. (the minimum CD of HE if you have 2 copies)

(Yes, I played STFs since launch. Even lost a few fleeties before we cracked KA)