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Originally Posted by quickdraw74 View Post
My point exactly! The new players will have no very rare X or XI gear like we had. We did a few normal STFs and picked up a few rare salvages and even common borg Tech. Now with the way STFs are and the rep system it will take awhile. Unless the new players join a good fleet or grind EC to pay for VR X or XI gear off the exchange they will have no options other than wait their time.

And the way normal stfs are now they will need Very Rare X or XI to do them. I watched players die over and over the last few days, which before season 7 happened rarely.

You can pick up purple XI weapons on the exchange for fairly cheap. Just buy a less used weapon energy type. You can also do missions for blue Mk XI weapons for no cost, and they're about 97% as effective. This is what the OP is talking about with the sense of entitlement. You don't need a full set of Mk XII antiproton weapons within 2 days of hitting 50, the difference isn't even that significant,

Normal STFs are still a complete joke that can be easily completed in green Mk X gear. I have no idea where this ridiculous exaggeration started.

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