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11-19-2012, 12:10 AM
The new rep system yes is good but has some minor and major flaws. The quick and skinny of some of its major flaws is it ignores any past achievement you have done for the Omega Force, and Reman/Romulans pryor to S7. Also it makes getting any of the new items a tedious pointless endevour. The time gate also detracts from the store. After getting to X Tier you now have to run a project to not only unlock the tier but afterwards run other 40hr projects to get access to (what looks like) 1 single purchase of a item from the store.

For those interested in time numbers here is what it looks like now vs what it looked like then. Now this is assuming you run the STFs for the marks (omega).

Currently (assuming you do not buy any store upgrades til Tier 5) the time to get to T5 and unlock a full set (Deflect, Shield, Engine, 1 Weapon) = 1593 hrs (66 days).

In that time you could have, under the old system, ran 4780 normal(or elite) STFs. Earned multiple Full Sets of Omega and MACO/HonorGuard sets and more mk XI weapons that one could ever need. (I know some are gonna say that those arn't mk XII gear but the devs believe that Mk X gear should be "just fine, and the Mk XII is just for those who want to have something that feels Special", I'm ofcourse Paraphrasing as its been along time sense I read that.)