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Originally Posted by jake81499 View Post
I think it's kinda cool really. I didn't need to really pay much attention to health before season 7 but now I do. First time out on a S7 CSN I died once before I realized what was going on. Now my guard is up.

And yes on the teamwork. Maybe this will draw a few of the Kang campers out into the cubes where they need to be and fix a few of the problems found in the following thread.

LOL It was not on Elite but yesterday I had a guy post in team chat, "Who's gonna cover the Kang. If no one speaks up I'll do it."

I quipped, "If everyone does there jobs right no one will need to guard the Kang."

He said, "Most of the time people do not do their jobs." That was it for team chat till the GGs at the end of the scenario.

My guess is folks were doing their jobs as no one actually guarded the Kang and we still got the optional.

Woulda been nice if they held off blowing up the cubes till all the nodes were clear but hey we made it work.
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