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11-19-2012, 12:29 AM
Originally Posted by hereticknight085 View Post
There is a thread in the Feds forum for this. Go there and see all the arguments as to why they should get one (mostly insubstantiated bs being said by wimp feds who see something and want it), and arguments as to why they shouldn't get one (mostly KDF players who either A) see it as kdf only and have seagull syndrome (MINE MINE MINE MINE), or B) players who see what battlecloak is and give logical good reasons as to why it shouldn't).
I think I posted in that thread, and I have a little of both A and B. I would like to keep certain thing exclusive to the KDF (the Federation has a few exclusives of it's own, as well), but I also provide good reasons why the Federation escorts (especially the defiant) don't need a friggin battlecloak

The Federation has more variety and flexibility in its escorts than the KDF raptors do, and have a cloaking ship that already does what the BoP and the Raptor is 'supposed' to do, only better. The last thing this game needs is a battlecloaking Defiant to unbalance things even further.