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11-18-2012, 11:48 PM
Originally Posted by foundrelic View Post
The problem with the old system was that people were playing STF's, sometimes for nearly as long as they've been in the game and STILL not getting the MKXII item drops.

I can speak from experience on this, I hit 50 ten days after I started playing, ground out Elite STFS and did not get a SINGLE prototype drop for the MKXII gear.

Meanwhile others were getting the drops on their first run.

This system eliminates the chance factor.

While I agree the amount of time needed to get through it is a little ridiculous (Since when do small projects take more time than big ones?) with some tweaks this system can be made a lot better.
The system has its good sides and bad sides.

Good in that it eliminates the chance factor and pretty much garuntees the gear if you put in the time and dilithium.

The bad?

Well let see I have about 700 omega marks.

I guess i dont have to do STFs for the next couple of weeks.

lets see. 763/26 (actual amount of omega marks I have/Omega Projects as I dont need any of the gear at t1.)

= Enough for 29 projects. /2 = 14.5 since I can have two at the same time 24+16 = 40 hours. So every 40 hours I can do two projects so thats what? 560(14*40) hours(3 weeks or so) total to get through all my marks?

I think I messed up my math some where.