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11-18-2012, 11:54 PM
The Bird of Prey is not the same/similar ship class to the Defiant Tactical Escort, it's a completely different brand and specialised ship. That is your problem right there. The actual KDF answer to the Tactical Escort and all fed escorts are actually their Raptors.

You need to look at facts. Bird of Prey is A LOT squishier than an escort. Just look at Fleet Norgh; the danubes have more hull hp than that and they are pets! Also need to account for the pitiful shield modifier. A BoP can't stay in a stand up fight for a while without expecting to take a kicking. The Tactical Escort can. If you are unable to tank decently in a Fed Escort you really are flying it wrong.

So in short summary:
Raider =/= Escort
Raptor = Escort