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11-19-2012, 12:11 AM
I am going to let this thread die now. Some of you are being constructive, while some are overlooking my point Also sometimes although rare developers do something that is said on the forums. I did not want the klingons to get screwed because a post I made, especially if they were against said Idea. As I already said in my other post in this thread, the other klingon player brought up a good point about the battle cloak, that I had forgotten.

Also you try tanking the gate in infected space elite lol. Flying a tactical escort against a tactical cube or gate in a elite stf gets tricky. It did not help matters when they nerfed the Borg set. I could understand the anger If I was trying to sneak this in somewhere, but sense the battle cloak is purely a klingon thing. I thought it would be more correct to post here.