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11-19-2012, 12:16 AM
Y'know, if the Defiant or any Fed ship got a battlecloak, maybe they would finally fix that stupid de-cloaking bug, due to the huge piles of whining that would occur.

That aside, I agree with Vitzh that raider doesn't equal escort. If the Federation had some kind of 'raider' level ship with no cloak, then I would say they had more of a reason to want it, but they don't.

The Defiant needs no battle cloak, because an escort is meant to do that...escort. They fire heavy, hard hitting volleys of fire, circle around, and fire again, but stay close to their primary ship. A raider de-cloaks, fires a few volleys, re-cloak, and run away, finding another good spot to de-cloak and do it again, hit-and-run in the purest sense.

As a totally seperate note, I would bet* an entire fleet's worth of bug ships, that if Feds ever did get a battle cloak, there would be guaranteed, a thread then asking for an enhanced battle cloak.

*Not really bet though.

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