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11-19-2012, 12:33 AM
Make item projects an upgrade project so it doesn't block leveling.

Make items worth getting; forget 30 k dil for a 4150 EC green item.
Make security team a permanent item ofc balance it for it in price, cooldown and whatever.

Let people convert omega marks for dil. from tier 1, with a low timer, so you have a reason to play stf and can interact with the rep regularly instead of 1 time every 2 days.

Kill timers on item projects.

Let people see what they are getting, why can't I read the stats off items like I can everywhere else in the game?
Hoover over item = description, plus I'd really like to see what the item looks before I commit to anything.
I guess y'all assumed that wasn't necessary since we already know what the old gear is lmao

Items you can buy once you reach the tier should be placed under the store tab, not under projects.
Consumables, fighters etc (I realize other items have 2 more unlocks to go after you reach the tier and then unlock the permission).

I probably forgot something too, I will get back to you


Oh yeah you could even consider letting people work on their exp when turning in omega marks or add a "free project" like the embassy one - main idea being you don't feel stuck in the mud for 2 days with zero to do