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Originally Posted by mrdarksabre View Post
Now this post just really annoyed me. If you don't like the Foundry then fine, don't use it, at no point in the game are you forced to interact with it. However, a significant amount of the playerbase are in fact interested in playing or creating Foundry missions, and if what they enjoy does not negatively impact you, then they should be allowed to continue.

Your allowed not to care about the Foundry, but I must ask then why you would go out of your way to make that opinion known on a thread where the Foundry's survival is the main topic.
<Put's on Diplomat Coat> Ahem... First , let me start out by saying, that allyoftheforce and mrdarksabre and indeed everybody here:

Let us remember that we are all a part of Starfleet or the KDF. We all enjoy this game. If we did not we would not play it obviously, and we would not get so passionate about talking about it.

allyoftheforce, I agree with your post, you did not say that you did not hate the Foundry. And also, too that I would not want to play a Foundry mission that took over 30 minutes as well, you are correct.

I agree with your post as well, that people who have negative opinions about somthing such as the Foundry, do not need to spread that negativity, You are correct as well.

Yet like all dialogues and conversations, we must be aloud to express our opinion freely without fear that we are not aloud to share our view or feelings. Without this Right, we , as Starfleet or indeed KDF, would never build alliances or indeed come together in any way for such a universe (game) to exist.

Obviously I do not know either of you personally, yet I think I can safely say that you are both (as most of us are), quite passionate and feel strongly and deeply about the game.

It is good to share different view's, to maintain a balance of some kind within our universe (game), yet perhaps it can be suggested, that we be sensitive towards each other and perhaps, if we have offended anybody, we can at least say to each other, "I'm sorry if I did so", and the other party replies with "that's alright".

Then Peace can perhaps bring forth a more productive outcome to this important topic we are discussing.

Also , though I do not know precisely what a "Starfleet Veteran" has done to earn that title, I imagine it was not easy and took alot of time, so I must also say to allyoftheforce, Well Done Admiral!

Anyhow Live Long And Prosper Everyone!


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