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11-19-2012, 02:09 AM
Removing foundry missions is bad for players who DON'T have the time to play xx hours each day to reach the dill day cap.
personally (and i consider me an average player) i have 3 chars ,2 feds and 1 kdf and as it is now i gain around half the max dil each day on each of my toons and i do some stf's and some other pve's for romulan marks.

At least with the foundry missions we got 1,4k dill each day.

Please bring them back soon and please let the community decide what missions will be played (yes even the 1-2 mins ones) ...

Cryptic and PW, foundry missions are a part of the game that the majority of the average gamers who DONT have the will or time to play endless hours on stf's enjoy, bring them back and fast!!