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ok i am writing this in hope to get some responce from cryptic...already wrote my ideas in the german forum but i think here i will get a faster feedback!

ok facts are the projects to get maco XII set are incredible long taking......untill u get that set u have to spend 2 month....on where u are evertime on the perfect time online to start the next one....

where is the skill??? where is my reward for being a good player?
now my suggestion!:

stfs.....should be worth our time again! right now u get some dilithium and marks which are enough for the next 2 you only have to do another stf after a week....the optional just gives some more marks....thats useless!

skill has to be rewarded again!!!!

so if players reach the optional they should receive a mark! a special reputation mark! with which u can choose where to add 1000 reputation points. after receiving it u click on it and it comes up: omega or romulan if u choose omega, then 1000 reputation points will be added instantly to the fraction! to avoid abuse just add a limit! so u can max use 10 marks per day! so there wont be the case that u can get the full reputation within one day....and also its only a reputation boost.....u still have to development for the projects so u can get that item

u really have to think....for hardcore gamers it still are 2month.....for normal players...guys with family....with will be like a half year! we got players in our fleet which can because of their life only be online every 4days or something......why u have to punish them so hard???

i really beg u add that mark!!!! we need it! it will be only fair! its really unfair to those which have a life! and also for guys which are skilled and have like me almost the full maco set....only the engine is left....and know i have to wait soo long to get the last part?? we already got the base to build.....and the ambassy.....pls add that mark!!!


i know its not the best way.....but ohwell:

ok anyway! even the Zeni way would be better than keeping the current.......if they make it 100zen(more would be really unfair) for 1000 or 2000 reputation! then a restriction so you cant abuse it by buying like 100 of them and finish the whole thing after some clicks.....

then u click on the item and choose fraction u wanna spend rep to.but u still have to wait the time for researching the items and stuff.

even that would be better than nothing. and i think the main former for that idea really deserve a zeni bonus

still hope for stf optional rewards...........maybe they gonna do it twice? what about adding that mark to the zeni store and then add that events or missions which give omega marks give 100 extra reputation to the omega fraction and missions which give romulan marks give 100 extra reputaton to the romulan fraction

so doing stfs and events are worth it to be done again! right now its enough to do them once per 2 days for the marks....

give us some motivation to do the missions u guys added!

TURN IN OPTION: (best idea so far)

idea is simple! we got because of our missions we were doing and because of the crate A LOT of marks which we never gonna use.SO what about u simple can turn them in for reputation? that way old players which had a lot of prototypes and stuff which has been converted into the crate will be rewarded for their archivments!

add a new project like the one where u can turn in the neural processor!
that would be really awesome! all the marks we got spare would be usefull!


PLS GUYS reply to the petition and ADD YOUR YES I WANT THAT MARK!!!!
pls u guys from cryptic! responce!

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