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11-19-2012, 02:40 AM
During Season 6 - Logged time - almost every day for 4 to 5hrs, on occasion spent anywhere between $30 to $75 dollars a month. I ran STF for enjoyment and farming D - Several Mk XII Proto for several of my toons.

Come Season 7 & the introduction of the New Rep System - once or twice a week for 30minutes apiece - so far spent $10 dollars on the Steam Pack for the Steamrunner, tried the new system, looked at it, too much of a ingame cost for me to invest in. - Mk XII sets were once free - Now they will cost and arm & a leg with excessive waiting period per piece.

I never looked back at the STFs again -

You all understand where I am coming from.

Only ones that will enjoy this are those that are new to STO and new to the system.

Currently playing Terra Online & GW2

1/2hr STO time on Sat & on Mondays - Fleet projects down the drain - I have no more time to waste on STO.

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