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11-19-2012, 02:46 AM
great so what is good case for ingame tickets, what for the bugs forum, and what for spamming brandon's or gecko's inbox?

There is a bunch of bugs in game, that i have filled tickets for stating Season 2. Would love to start spamming someones inbox every time I encounter them again.

Should only MT spam brandon we all, peeps on his friend list? QnA fails time and time again, so what is the preferred mode of operation.

Just think of the dual shields bug aka voldi1 and now tell me how cryptic would like to avoid similar scenarios in the future, i mean that is what they want?

BTW telling them that an exploit has gone to holo despite tickets, pm's and whatnot isn't really promoting an exploit, since no one gave repro steps. I guess its up to the mods to decide what counts as promoting exploits.
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