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# 199 so depressed
11-19-2012, 03:53 AM
i cryed agian today all the fun gone replaced buy nothing but grind sign on and decide wich grind to do dilith grind omaga grind new romulan grind. used to be fun to do the stf what drop will i get? somthing for fleet bank? item me or a friend could realy use?? somthing to sell and get ec or dilith for? or the joy and pride of the tech drop and rushing to turn in and get the shiney new pice to complet my set??? now its just grind and wait days to see what i can spend my dwindleing suply of dilith on!!!!! in the words of Adam Sandler " whooopie f-ing dooo " I sold a ring that i dont wear but still had great sentimental value to me for lifetime membership. I feel so riped off cheated. This season jsut keeps getting worse not better. ive been known to play 15 or 20 hours a day on weekend but now after a couple hrs im so bored and depressed i leave and dont comeback till the next day. how could any sane person call this crap an impovement????
I will never ever spend another dime of real world money on this game ever ever ever ever.