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11-19-2012, 05:11 AM
It isn't great.

I'm already bored of New Romulus, I like the thinking behind the reputation/projects system but it takes far too long to unlock anything - and in the meantime I have nothing to do.

No point doing STF's, I have plenty of Omega marks for the next few projects. Can't do more on New Romulus because I need to wait until I hit tier 1. Can't do the foundry content (the actual interesting content) because it is unavailable. Fleet actions last a total of 5 mins now that is the only real way to get Dil, and they play like wild wolves fighting over scraps. Can't focus on doff's, never was that interested in them and can't afford the Dil costs. Can't give Dil toward fleet projects because I'll need it for my Omega equipment.

The game still has bugs. It was rushed to release and the devs ignored feedback.

Nope, not great at all.

EDIT: Oh how can I forget, they lied to everyone when they removed the Dil reward from STF's and only decided to correct this when it was damn obvious their income would suffer for it.

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