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11-19-2012, 05:21 AM
Originally Posted by khayuung View Post
I've played Infected elites all weekend, for about 7 times. Each time I flew into a half-dead half abandoned (3 players) instance, and had to abandon it.

The fail seems to have increased, or at least my luck seems to have gone to ****. Anyone else finding this?
I feel it may be the latter. Of course, I haven't played as many STFs, but I found in a pure PUG, stuff like Hive Normal was nearly undo able, but with groups from the EliteSTF channel (Great channel, worth a look into if you want groups that can finish STFs), we were able to go through things rather smoothly for the most part, only KASE had some issues (overshot the gates by a minute). Only thing that was personally slowing me down was my internet connection feeling rather chaotic last night. Since the Private queues are disabled though, not as many people are doing them though.