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Originally Posted by apocalypse2001 View Post
For a science ship, you can use ideas from this Death by Nebula thread. I use the transphasic torp and chroniton mine nebula build and it works wonders for me (as long as you have the proper doffs and abilities that compliment that weapons build.

Read the whole thread, there are other Nebula builds in there that might better suit your preferences.
I only looked at the first build so I can't speak for the whole thread but I would agree with drunk. Be very careful there.

I mean it's not the worst build I have come across, but...
Well lets start with his weapons, why would use use 2 dual beams and a torp fron and to beams back? Either you want beams everywhere to broadside or you want to face your enemy. The rear beams are pretty much useless unless you want one to target subsystems. You could do that with your front dbbs too but it helps if someone gets behind you.
Other than that you might want it for FAW, but FAW would work better with single beams everywhere. Now so far it's not that bad but it could be optimized I think.

Now the consoles are strange. First tachyon grid isn't really worth it (unless they changes it sometime and I missed it). Further he got theta, jump, point def and graviton. That might be overdoing it a bit. Also only one dmg console and no borg.
His consoles are just all over the place.

And his power settings. Well he runs 108/95 weapon power. I mean why? If you want to do dmg run 2 dmg consoles and 100 weapon power and put borg in there since you aren't at the 125 cap anyway. If you need more aux switch, or eat a battery.

Ok my point would simply be, be careful in that thread. Maybe there are good builds in there as well. Unfortunately I can't help with a torp build for the wells since I am no fan of torps.