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TL, DW summary:

The good: Easily the most powerful science vessel, even before taking the consoles into account.
- Good balance of stats relative to the Fleet Science classes
- Hangar, Universal bridge officers and choice of 10th console slot add flexibility with no downside
- Consoles range from the 'very handy' to the 'this might be a touch OP'.
- Aux cannon give it a serious bite for a science vessel and remove the compromise between weapon and aux power, further adding to the flexibility of the design.

The bad: The price! $50 is pretty close to a full AAA title and $25 is the kind of money where I think before buying. Would not have bought this, powerful as it is, if I hadn't been planning on doing the video.

- Similarly, it would be interesting to see how much money the Steamrunner made when it was $10 as opposed to $25.

The ugly: Not entirely sold on the looks, but that's personal taste and extremely borderline. After 5 days of looking I can't pin down why I'm not sold on it (as opposed to the Chimera, where my instant response was 'that's ugly and here's why'.
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