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Salutations fellow captains,

I play more or less casually, but seek to optimise my choices a little to fulfill a helpful role when flying elite STFs and the like. Thus, I have some questions and seek some advice, and would be glad if some people with a more in-depth understanding of the game could help me out. I'd appreciate insightful and data-backed answers where possible, as I have a rather inquisitive mind!

So thanks to any volunteers .

So... I'm playing an engineering captain, flying an odyssey (tac variant). I'm trying to fulfill a "tanking" role, as that is fun and seems helpful. However, even with maxed threat control, I'm quite occasionally having trouble holding aggro (I'm equipped in XI-XII purples for weapons).

Thus, I am entirely split about the reputation rewards:

On the one hand, I'd really like to pick the defensive ones. Yay more survibability! Yay investing into my core role!

However, the hull nanite defensive perk seems odd: 10% hull repair... every 60 seconds? Seriously? Not a constant effect? That would mean that most of the time, it happens when you don't need it, and is rather wasted (though it may have the psychological effect of occasionally pulling that one-in-thousand proc at just exactly the right minute when you need it).

Furthermore, the problem is that whenever I'm not holding aggro, defensive perks are almost entirely wasted. Also, I figure that damage dealers will all take the offensive perks without question - so you'd have to take them simply to "pull even" with threat generation, and to not fall even further behind.

Then again, the hive space mission showcases that every bit more survivability could be useful for the challenging (and thus the only fun) elite content.

Do aggro reduction consoles come in here, and say that it's the DDs job to reduce their threat rather than me to invest into a weakness (damage) rather than a strength (surviving) chasing them?

Also, of course, for your daily grind and soloing and less challenging missions, more damage is just more fun than more survivability, as it means you'll get through it faster and less cumbersomely.

I'd be happy to hear some thoughts and some explanations (especially on that nanite hull repair perk - I can't really believe that it only ticks every 60 seconds for 10%?), and am grateful for your advice!