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Originally Posted by icegavel View Post
Eh... I'd start off by making sure there's no spell checks here... Why are you a VA with a Mk VII Tetryon Beam? Is that supposed to be XII? Why Tetryon, of all things? I, personally, consider Tet the most worthless energy type. I prefer plasma, but that's me.
Second, your Tet full auto rifle. The full auto part is K... the Tet part really isn't. Tetryon is useless on ground. By the time it procs, their shields are ALREADY gone. Phasers, Disruptors, Plasma, Polaron, those are where to go. Come to think of it, the Jem'Hadar Rifle isn't too bad. Hell, the entire ground Jem'Hadar set is pretty passable.
Third... When you say "Anti -Borg Sniper Rifle", do you mean the MACO Battle Rifle, or a normal Phaser Sniper Rifle with a Borg mod?
Fourth up is your Shield/Engine/Deflector. You've got two parts of Space Jem'Hadar, and you're not using Polaron, so the passive is worthless. The 3-piece isn't too hot, so I'd recommend going with a new set. Retro Borg on an Odyssey is wonderful. It's a very survivable set. The only other really popular set for the Odyssey is the MACO Space set. I, personally, am not a huge fan of it, but it'll work.
Fifth: CONSOLES. Straight shield/weapon power isn't a good idea. You're running an Odyssey, it'll have enough power anyway. I highly recommend going AT LEAST two RCS Accelerators for turn rate. Some Neutronium Armor wouldn't be bad, either. Take, as well, some Warhead Yield Chambers and Directed Energy Distribution Manifolds in Tactical slots for increased damage. Science... Go for the Assimilated Module and a few Field Generators for increased Shield Cap. It's kind of dated, but this is my Odyssey Item build. It's geared more for Tanking than damage, but she's a HELL of a tank. The devices are effectively interchangeable wit whatever you have.

Other than that, you're pretty good. Just skill up properly, and you're set.
Thanks for the reply! I can see that I will be spending some Dilithium for ship gear and retraining my captain. I am working up for the Borg set and putting into projects as fast as I can. If u don't mind, I may lay out my consoles like you have yours. I also will be trying out this in the STO Academy Skill Planner to see where to skill my points at.

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