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Originally Posted by gypsyblade View Post
What do you feel we're not paying attention to?
Off the very top of my head, the DOff system changes.

Everyone is yelling about the STFs, for the most part, and the reputation system. This will likely be ignored or forgotten in about 2 months after some fine-tuning (e.g. hopefully cutting down the timers on the requisition projects at the very least). That the loss of dilithium was the most froth-raging change was a bit of a surprise to me, though in retrospect it shouldn't have been, since it was an extremely visible change, despite the fact that one could chain together Starbase 24 runs and guzzle dil from that.

In the "big picture," we have the DOffs and the spike in dilithium costs to get basic DOff packs and the grinder/compactor. It has become apparent that DOffs are likely to be an integral part of a lot of content as building material (no doubt, Starfleet Academy keeps that bit out of their recruiting brochures), and are a major expense point/choke point for Starbases. It will probably end up being a chokepoint for the embassy system as well. While I realize the need to monetize the game, it seems that this is going to be a point of some particular importance in the long run. Now, this could be a major part of how they plan to keep the game in the black in the future, and I would rather they do this than go broke or get STO in significant financial trouble, but it still seems to be a bit grabby, and much more subtle - and important.

Admittedly I could be wrong about all of this, but that's how it looks to me. If I had not been up for an absurd number of hours just now, I'm sure I could provide a more thorough/insightful answer, but this one has stuck out like a sore thumb since I first heard about it. DOffs are a major part of the in-game economy, and currencies that are linked to real-world money are now even more important to getting them than ever before.

As a note, I am aware of the huge thread on the Tribble board - I posted to it in fact, several times - but it seems to be all but forgotten now.

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