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11-19-2012, 05:38 AM
Despite what people say, basing their opinions mostly, if not only, on bare stats, Vesta is neither Mary Sue nor OP by any stretch of the imagination.

It's biggest asset is its flexibility, which may make people think the ship is capable of doing absolutely everything. And to the point it's true. It can provide decent dps, it can shield-tank, it can support, it can turn, and bascially every profession will be able to take something out of it.

But as they say, a jack of all trades is a master of none - and this very much applies to the Vesta. For every role this ship can perform there is some other ship that's gonna perform it better. There are science ships that are either more durable or more maneuverable. There are Cruisers that will perform a much better job at healing. Carriers and even the Escort Carrier have superior hangar bays, that launch fighters way faster, while standard escorts are still going to be primary choice for pure DPS.

I've been flying a Kar'Fi for quite some time now. If there's one OP ship available in the game through means other than lottery (*cough*bugship*cough*) it's the Kar'Fi. It's basically a maneuverable carrier with science focus and near escort-like damage potential. I honestly wanted to make the Vesta just like it - 3 dual (heavy) cannons up front, 3 turrets aft, rapids and scatters plus debufs and gravity well. And I'll tell you that - despite having nearly the same setup and equipment on my fed sci flying a tactical vesta with 4 phaser relays I still cannot deal the same amount of damage I usually do with the kdf sci on Kar'Fi. I don't know why is that, honestly, as the only major difference is the Plasmonic Leech console, another hangar and bio-neural torpedo I use in the 4th fore slot. And the only major downside on Kar'Fi's part is slower turn rate and lack of sensor analysis, really.

So as I've said, if anything Vesta's major asset is its versatility. You can perform multiple roles, but you won't perform well enough in any of them. In the end it's a great PvE ship, especially for people who would still like to focus on other roles aside from damage dealing, while not being completely useless and helpless during less demanding missions. Great ship in general, nicely balanced, lots of fun to play with.