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Originally Posted by defalus View Post
Starfleet is just trying to ensure a dictator doesn't come to power (Tal Shiar perhaps), they are moving their assets into Romulan space to help ensure the liberty of the Romulan people and in time help them on the road to democracy.
omg... you're just as bad as them...

Starfleet knows whats's best for these people, right? Starfleet has a right to force it's principals on others, yes? By any means, you would say? The Starfleet way is the only right way? Anyone who feels different is just displaying a need of being shot?

This is the exact opposite of everything Trek is supposed to be about. Accepting other species, cultures and ways of thinking.

Originally Posted by thisisoverlord View Post
Technically this is still against the Prime Directive. Only a recognized government with the support of it's people who requests for help to the Federation can be considered as a legitimate non-directive breaking situation.

Helping refugees is one thing but having a hand in rebuilding a Romulan Empire is not.
Exactly. By helping one, you may doom another. Starfleet has a policy of non-interference. It's there for a reason. Helping one faction in an internal struggle is unacceptable. If help/support is to be offered (like medi al supplies), it has to be offered equally to every faction.

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