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11-19-2012, 05:43 AM
Despite Cryptic's god awful decision with the diliithium changes and reputation system for end game gear, my fleet is still growing strong. I think the only thing with our fleet that keeps us in this game right now is purely the company. We're also running Dilithium events to help people get through stuff like Deferi Daily to hit their cap each day. Now we're running these as groups I'm finding I'm exceeding what I can refine each day, although when I get back to work it'll probably be a different story.

I can't see up and quitting will give the best results. Yeah it may help Cryptic see the light in the long run after they've had to shut down servers, but that means alot of people losing out on playing STO.

The best option IMO is to stick with it and voice our opinions. I find it funny that the Ask Cryptic comes out and I barely see any questions in regards to the recent changes, but you go to the Dev Blog posts and there is tons of feedback.

If the Ask Cryptic was only to get questions about the recent changes and when are they going to fix these horrid changes they have made, they'd have to respond to them and they can't just make up questions if they don't want to answer them (well they could and if they did I'd probably have an even lower opinion of Cryptic). But if we don't say anything when Ask Cryptic comes out, the chances of something being done will be less likely.

Most the fun in this game for me is getting on with my friends and fleet members, getting on Mumble and having a laugh. Although, the recent cost changes to upgrade the DOFF's does still have me annoyed.

Either way.... Never Give Up! Never Surrender! (Galaxy Quest)

"We're doing it wrong, but it's working...."

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