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11-19-2012, 06:51 AM
This is actually making me cringe... I feel sick to my stomach! What RIGHT does Starfleet have to dictate the Romulan society? What gives them the right to used armed force against refugees? This is the most un-starfleet dialogue box I've EVER seen!!! To sum it up, Starfleet is:
I completely agree. There have been numerous occasions on the show, where Starfleet didn't directly get involved into internal struggles of other species. Even if those had the chance to completely mess up the balance of power in the alpha quadrant and it involved some of their closest allies. (e.g not helping Gowron in the Klingon Civil War, even though his ship was attacked).

The Prime Directive didn't allow it.

If you look at what missions, storyline and doff assignments we get: the STO version of the Federation pretty much feels like the British Empire of the 1800's. Aggressive colonization (even in Klingon and Romulan space), deploying colonial troops (e.g. Caitians), exploiting local rescources whenever they can, ruthless killing of indigenous wildlife and local populace at the blink of an eye, getting involved in the local politics of every conquered and neighbouring species (bajoran, cardassian, klingon, romulan, deferi...) etc...

...hence why many of my ships carry British names. Wish we'd be able to get the HMS-prefix. Heck, even their security forces are redcoats.