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11-19-2012, 06:11 AM
I agree with CaptainRevo.

What those preemptive strikes refer to are the missions you played previously during the Romulan Front.
Not in a single instance those strikes where against civilian refugees. On the contrary, there is a mission "Friend of my Enemy" where we do the exact opposite, and which can be seen as a precurser to New Romulus, and help a colony of Romulan refugees against a Reman induced bioweapon.

To see what the preemtive strikes are exactly,you should check the missions"Divide et Impera", "Preemptive Strike" (shocking, isn't it? ), "By Any Means", "Taris", "S'hariens Swords" and most of "Cloaked Intentions".

Some of those are legitimate, some are questionable or even regrettable. But Starfleet treats these as a "what's done is done" deal and tries it's best to correct those mistakes now with the help for an entirely new faction within the Empire, namely those civilian refugees.