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11-19-2012, 06:18 AM
Wrong math.

You still have to factor in EDC's, salvages and gear drops AND consoles and weapons etc.

Not JUST the fact they were lost but having to pay for them aswell is what people have a hard time understanding.

Which means if you want to do the correct math on what you were earning vs what you are earning, every LOST drop under the old school vs now factors in TWICE.

Once, for the lost in-come in itself, and twice for the deficit of paying for it... THAT is the right math. I guess a professional scam is when people don't know they've been hustled...

REMEMBER (spock) you didn't just lose an in-come you also gained an expense

Anyway, so in effect, for every time you are now playing you would have gotten an elite drop, you are down 40,000 k dil x 2.
A weapon drop ? 30,000 x 2

And so on and so on. That is the extend of what you have lost and are paying for now.

In addition to having to sit around and wait for PERMISSION to buy it for 3 months like someone is doing you a huge favour lmao

Again I can only speak for mysefl but my dil in-come has come to a complete halt beyond the minimum of what is required for gating my characters.

Will I be motivated to get 1 or 2 items from t5 in a quarter of a year's time ? Don't know we'll have to see.