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Originally Posted by bluedarky View Post
The amount of time it takes to farm dilithium hasn't changed, they've just added more numbers to juggle and an artificial gate on before you can do it.
I beg to differ: pre S7 you could get 5k+ dilithium out of one eSTF
base reward ~1000 dil + rare/purple tech and/or rare/purple salvage

admitted takes some luck but i have plenty of times gotten either 2 purples or 1 purple and 2 rare ... but ok lucky me

standard eSTF in average gave me the base reward and a rare salvage/tech = 2000 dil per run

now: 960 base reward + BNP (=200 dil) and NO LOOT (in the few last weeks b4 S7 got a few nice mk12 [acc]x3 ... they will never drop in STF again) ...

and since I was more or less doing STFs only I am now not doing anything but get some omega marks when I need ... generally spending my time now with SWTOR or other things

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