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11-19-2012, 07:23 AM
I was just telling someone in another thread that I felt the same as her about the state of the game. Poor girl even admitted to crying.

How many of us have had a dream of a ST MMO? Only to have a company who puts profits before customers squeeze it for all it's worth.

I have tried to stick it out, I barely survived season 6, Cryptic's broken promises that they had no serious intentions of fulfilling, bugs unfixed, etc. I even took long breaks and come back to worse bugs and more and more c-store items that are bugged worse then a cockroach farm.

I have seriously tried so hard to stick with season 7, but it has broken me. I just can't see any Trek, fun, or pleasure. Just seems to get worse, in my own opinion.

Check my real join date in my sig, and you'll see I tried to hang on, but my paws just slowly slipped off since PW mugged Cryptic and I fell away.........not even the Q can snap their collective fingers and bring me back.

The more I try, the more depressed, frustrated and angry I get, being Bi-Polar, it's really for my health that I stop.

I wish good luck and hope to those who wish to continue.

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