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11-19-2012, 06:26 AM
I have been reading this thread for a while, and it bothers me on several levels....I have been playing around with season 7 and IT IS NOT A BAD UPDATE. it is not perfect by anymeans, but i have come to expect no game will be 100% perfect.

As for the grind with dilithium...You can meet your 8k limit daily, in about an hour and half in most cases by simply doing the dailies, pvp, deferi sector, the three in the eta eradani system, strange new worlds, and any stfs/fleet actions you want to fill the gap. I agree with the removal of some of the dilithium from somethings. It forces us to experience the game as a whole. So the argument that you can't make your 8k limit without hours of play time is false. You just want to things are they were before. Things Change get used to it.

As for STFs this systems works well for more casual players such as a few of my friends, it helps them obtain endgame stuff without spending 12 hours a day doing stfs. As those drops in the old system where pretty random, this helps everyone upgrade and get the systems they want.

You may bash me for speaking out against the grain, or ACTUALLY LIKING season 7, but there it is.
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