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11-19-2012, 06:27 AM
Originally Posted by oldschooldork View Post all do realize this is just a game...based on a FICTIONAL tv series, right? at least i hope everyone realizes this. don't get me wrong, i've been a trek fan from the start of the original series, but c'mon. it's funny, the other day i was telling my brother that there are people on here that take this game wwwwaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy too seriously. well, now i have proof and i will be directing him to this thread. and i really don't mean to insult anyone, i really honestly don't, but if a GAME based on, as i said above, a FICTIONAL tv series makes you "cringe" and feel "sick to your stomach", well, i'll just say someone has some issues and someone needs some help.
Oh dear...

and if the TV series or films were just one scene of butchery and conquest after another it wouldn't be Star Trek and you wouldn't be fan. So no anything that detracts from the Star Trek feel is something worth considering as a concern.