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Originally Posted by pvehero View Post
It's so nice of you to refer to these missions, where WE, as Captains, were forced and tricked into violating the prime directive severely, by an Undine infiltrator! I distinctly remember masacring a romulan research station because I was told they were hiding illegal weapons.... Yes, we killed them all, researches and cleaning personel. I was cringing when being forced though that outrage as well.

As for civilian, if there is no legit government, there can be no military. Para-military civilians at best. Even the Tal Shiar are a group of civilians working towards their own goal. Well armed civilianc, yes, and well organized, but still civilians!
Is the only part of my post that you read the ONE episode title where your arguments hold any water? That was the point of the episode. That we made a MISTAKE. It was not the best designed story mission, as most of us could see the twist coming a mile away, I know.

But what about all these other episdes I quoted. Where you disgusted by them? And personally I haven't encountered a single mission where our task is to instate a new goverment for the Romulan Empire.