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11-19-2012, 07:30 AM
I have a challange for you, oldies

Assume I'm a fresh player, joined when season 7 hit. I'm just reached level 40, thinking about choosing new ship. Assume that I'm not willing (yet) to spend 25$ for T5 ship from C-Store and that I'm not a fleeter - so no access to Fleet Ships. Plain and simlpe T4 ship. I gathered around 10.000 dilithium (was doing the story missions mainly) and 2-3 million EC. Have whatever gear I could get from story missions untill lvl 40. Played DOFFs, but not much on the DOFF exchange, cause I had not enough dillithium. So white and few green DOFFs - random stuff. Also no access to the sets for obvious reason.

Now, make me a build that will be able to compete with older players with those restrictions. Not a healer/cruiser - that is too easy Anything else. Choose whatever career path you want, but I think most reasonable would be tactical - most people I think select it.