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Originally Posted by timelord79 View Post
Some of those are legitimate, some are questionable or even regrettable.
The most questionable one and only one that would violate traditional laws of war was made on bad intelligence fed by a spy, too. After that, the next most questionable one would probably be Sharien's Swords, and it's much harder to argue against it after the fact considering what was found. All others were known military threats with immediate hostile intentions towards the Federation.

A few other notes on the Prime Directive here:
And when the Tal Shiar home planet is destroyed (yes, it's their home too), they are not entitled to refugee status?
No. Because, and black text for spoilers on the Hobus mission: They destroyed it. There has been evidence to the effect for decades, but Starfleet produced the proof in Ground Zero.

As for civilian, if there is no legit government, there can be no military. Para-military civilians at best. Even the Tal Shiar are a group of civilians working towards their own goal.
This is not true. Military does not require government, and our own world has several examples of countries with military power and no legitimate government, militaries not under government control, and militaries which claim to be legitimate governments.

All that's required to be a true military is uniform. And lacking uniform but still engaging in military activity doesn't make you a paramilitary, it makes you a terrorist. And even Picard used threats of force before negotiation with terrorists.