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Originally Posted by icegavel View Post
Your premise is flawed very simply:

B:FAW. Scatter Volley. Torp Spread. Photonic Shockwave. Warp Plasma. If someone REALLY wanted to they could probably negate every torpedo, every mine, and probably kill MOST frigates. A team with a good coordination won't have any trouble with any of that (A smart Escort with Warp Plasma fools frigates into chasing, EWP. No torpedoes incoming, frigates are all but stopped and at the mersy of Scatter Volley/Torp Spread. GG). After that, all you have is five VERY slow vessels. I'm not saying it's not powerful, but it's not as strong as you think. Unless they made frigates, mines, and torpedoes permanently immune to all damage. Which they haven't. The frigates barely have phase shift.
LOL. you pugstar wannabee. you obviously have no idea what the hell you're talking about, so let me spell it out for you. in pve: it'll be incredibly gamebreaking because there are no enemies that use any combination of the skills you listed above. thus teams would steam roll through all pve content with no difficulty whatsoever. in pvp: most dedicated pvp'ers will till you that team play focuses on single target acquisiton and elimination. control, hold, debuff and focus fire for elimination.

and don't take my word for it. i hereby submit the following for review.
exhibit A
exhibit B

so, as my kar'fi is firing on you and draining your energy with my polaron weapons and plasmonic leech all the while dropping aceton assimilators and sucking your ship's power dry, opening you up to being held by either gw3 or energy siphon 3 or viral matrix 3. while currently 4 (or 8 as you propose) advanced frigates bombard your ship with tricobalt torpedos, dual antiproton cannons and other assorted goodies... tell me still how my premise is flawed?

you want real balance pass?

fix sci powers so pure sci ships aren't garbage. with inherent abilities like sensor analysis that can boost one's damage up to 30+% and target subsystems which can act like a huge nuisance if specced correctly, sci ships with their high shield modifier can be deadly. if the skills they relied on were fixed.

fix cruisers so beam arrays themselves weren't so damn useless. a tac in a cruiser, if built correctly, can hold their own. an engi or sci in a cruiser are there mainly as support. that's the bottom line. you're not going to be putting out massive dps like an escort. your job is to take the aggro, be able to tank like no tomorrow and put out continual dps over time.

tl;dr: your idea for hangers as a balance pass is asinine. please see the video for references as to how fighters/frigates/etc can easily be abused. carriers with hangers are big, slow and sluggish for a reason. i think it's time for you to go back to the drawing board to try to find another way to lazily boost your dps. i hope the next time, you'll take the hint and drop the issue before someone else completely rips your idea and drags it through the mud. but yeah, thanks for playing. it's been fun.