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Originally Posted by rmackie View Post
You may bash me for speaking out against the grain, or ACTUALLY LIKING season 7, but there it is.
I actually agree with you in regards to earning your Dilithium. Especially alot quicker in groups like I said previously. My issue is purely with the low cap and the amount of dilithium required for all these extras and increase in cost on stuff like DoFF's, I do think if your gonna be doing everything in this game that costs Dilithium (Crafting, Upgrading Doff's and Projects) the cap does need an increase and the amount of dilithium rewarded needs to be increased on a few things or scaled down on Projects (200k Dilithium for a fish tank, DJ? Seriously?).

A reputation system is a sure way to make everyone get what they want, I agree. However they should have left the Old requisition system available still at the change over for anyone that still had the EDCs / Salvages etc or opened the store to people who had EDC's etc that got converted so they didn't lose out on the stuff they had earned. It would have been nice to have known that the Crate wouldn't be available to use till Tier 3.

Aside from the bugs (to be expected) the only thing I was 100% against is the increase in price of upgrading your DoFF's and adding 1000 Dilithium to each recruitment assignment from the Personal Officer. It'd be nice to see the DIL Cap Doubled at least for LTS / Gold and made available for purchase off the C-Store. They've done it for EC Cap and Bank Slots, why not Dilithium? I bet you alot of people who aren't Gold or LTS would purchase it. Then hey look, they've made some more income and at the same time made some players happy.

By Grabthar's hammer, it's a good idea! (IMO) lol

"We're doing it wrong, but it's working...."

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