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Oh come on, the Bajorans and the Maquis never got the kind of treatment these Romulans are, they couldn't be helped, the Bajorans formally asked for federation assistance and where turned down they had to fight for their own freedom.

As for the Maquis they were disowned
The problem with the Bajorans was more complicated and definitely not a black and white situation.

There were existing treaties with the Cardassians that prevented them to get involved as at that time the Bajorans were recognized subjects of the Cardassian Empire, officially at least, and helping them would have brought about a new war for sure that would have caused much more casualties.
You couldn't throw out the Cardassians from Bajoran space and their planet, they were entrenched far too deep.
The Bajoran "official" goverment (which was a puppet goverment) never asked for help from the Federation and as far as i know the Resistance leaders never did as well.
Even AFTER the Cardassians left and the Federation was in a position to help and did so, the Bajorans were for the most part still distrustful and didn't want the help because they were too proud and feared another Federation led occupation instead of the Cardassian one.
When the Bajoran goverment asked the Federation to leave (during the Circle trilogy), they obliged. Except for a small group oef people led by Sisko who lay down his uniform for the time to prove the conspiracy and illegitimacy of those actions.

Now the current situation is STO:

There are no treaties that prevent any involvement of the Federation with the New Romulus colony.
They are recognized as a sovereign state apart from the Romulan Empire by the two major factions in game, Federation AND Klingon Empire.
The Romulan Empire has no presence in any form apart from some Tal Shiar spies which try to influence the colonies leaders and gather intel.
D'Tan the recognized leader has asked Federation and Klingon Empire for humanitarian help, which the Federation gladly provides (in part to make up for some past mistakes like Dividie et Empera) and the Klingons do so as well (for whatever reason).
The new ROmulus colony is warp capable and has officially asked for help. The Prime Directive does not apply.