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And when the Tal Shiar home planet is destroyed (yes, it's their home too), they are not entitled to refugee status?
You are ignoring the fact that they are the ones causing all the trouble. they have weapons and warships at their disposal.

they are attacking your ships, killing the remans, and even subjugating and experimenting on their own people.

they hunted and slaughtered the reman resistances family, hakeev tried to have you killed, they were running experiments that created those salt vampire things from the new mission, they are working with the iconians who who knows what. these are not friendly, innocent people.

you are not just killing random romulans because its fun, you are attacking the ones causing the problems in the region. yes it creates moral questions of 'do we have the right to deal with other empires problems' but if those problems threaten the security of the federation and its people then sometimes serious action has to be taken.

you say picard would not approve. he was the one how violated cardassian space to stop them from developing that bio weapon in chain of command. they would potentially have to kill cardassians to stop a greater threat, yet he did it.

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