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11-19-2012, 07:51 AM
I always wanted to imagine how New Romulus would look like if STO was using Cryengine 3. I only have Cryengine 1, the engine from Crysis, so I can't exactly replicate it. It'ld be interesting to see it with a high rendering engine. But that's highly unlikely that STO would change engines on such short notice Oh well, otherwise, it's much better built than the other visitable worlds. Theres actaully a need to travel on foot to get anywhere of significants. The other worlds lack a population, Non-hostile NPCs placed too far away from each other, desolate and otherwise bland landscapes. I mean, come on, I would like to travel in a Vulcan city, not some desert outskirts. New Romulus has everything that a planet should have. That's just my opinion.