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Originally Posted by timelord79 View Post

There are no treaties that prevent any involvement of the Federation with the New Romulus colony.
They are recognized as a sovereign state apart from the Romulan Empire by the two major factions in game, Federation AND Klingon Empire.
The Romulan Empire has no presence in any form apart from some Tal Shiar spies which try to influence the colonies leaders and gather intel.
D'Tan the recognized leader has asked Federation and Klingon Empire for humanitarian help, which the Federation gladly provides (in part to make up for some past mistakes like Dividie et Empera) and the Klingons do so as well (for whatever reason).
The new ROmulus colony is warp capable and has officially asked for help. The Prime Directive does not apply.
Wrong again.

New Romulus is populated by Romulan Refugees which are just one very small part of their species. The do not speak for all Romulans and as you have said are a colony, not an official state, nor government. If this colony was to do as previous colonies had tried to do and take over groups of Romulans into their power by force that would implicate the Federation in a very immoral practice.

Therefore the Federation would never have countenanced such intervention because of the potential disasters that could become of doing so.

This is one colony... and we've already begun exterminating endangered species (Salt Vampires) for no good reason at all in the name of helping one isolated Romulan Colony.

As for the Klingon Empire, they should be aggressively taking the territory that once belonged to the Romulan Empire... not tagging Pig-Bunnies.

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