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11-19-2012, 06:53 AM
Originally Posted by dirlettia View Post
I believe most fleets use diplomatic immunity to speed up lower level fleet members when they are helping them through missions. Although we at high levels have super quick engines and transwarp, folks at the bottom drive ships being towed by snails.

This is always the reason why I normally do a 'fly-by' granting in sirius sector on any newbies who happen to be nearby.
And while that in of itself is a great thing that you do and not to mention a nice thing, we should be able to speed up our own sector space speed without having to wait on someone else to do that for us. I was sitting at the edge of one sector block when I saw someone asking in the zone chat of that sector for a Diplomatic Immunity and Raiding Party buff, and they were asking for the buffs for at least 2+mins before they finally got their buffs. That is 2+mins of that persons time used up having to wait when they could have buffed themselves if they were at least rank 3 of Diplomacy.

I do not think its to much to ask of Cryptic/PWE to give people who are rank 3 of Diplomacy the ability to speed themselves up with their own Diplomatic Immunity/Raiding Party Buff for such a situation as the one mentioned above. We can still grant it, but would likely be using it on players who likely do not have the buff at all yet, like new players or people who just havent reached Diplomacy rank 3. So its still being sociable, friendly and helpful. This really isnt to much to ask for.