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Originally Posted by cormoran View Post
thats still a hell of a lot better than getting.... *drumroll*.... NOTHING AT ALL.
Oh sure, we coulda got nothing so it's okay that we don't get the buff. Right.

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So like, it's better than nothing, and it's better to not give ambassadors their speed buff that's probably the best possible reward you could ever get from cxp and instead they should work on giving you buffs on other stuff first just to make them useful. Because somehow working on DI to be a passive ability will mean other commendations will never be given anything.


Bottom line they just don't feel like dealing with it. They aren't against it, they just don't feel like doing it since it's totally for free and chances are high that you'll get DI from another player at some point on more than one occasion. But it's still stupid that I am an ambassador and I can grant a buff that I don't naturally possess. I guess I just call upon the netherworld of the force to deliver the supernatural speed boost part of DI to someone.

But don't worry, I'm sure they are knee deep in a master plan to monetize DOFFing even further by turning it into projects and at the end of the rainbow we'll have all these neat rewards but for a ****million dilithium.

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