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Originally Posted by timelord79 View Post
The salt vampire mission, btw, has nothing to do with New Romulus. That mission takes place on Hfihar, at the mining colony we visited during Cloaked Intentions.
And this justifies the butchering of Salt Vampires how?

And I assumed that the Hfihar colony was providing the New Romulus colony with raw materials.

Also someone needs to start a "J'mpok does not approve thread"

Seriously Season 7 should have been about the federation sheltering refugees, setting up diplomatic relations with all colonies not just one, trading with all colonies. It should have also been about the Klingons attacking and taking planets and territory that was once part of the Romulan Empire... and the building up of a Resistance to it by Romulans culminating in a new mini-faction.

Buttt..... nooooo.... now we have Feds butchering endangered species and Klingons tagging Ephorrs and dnacing through the fields of New Romulus.

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