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Originally Posted by somrik View Post
Do you think FEDs should get a frigate equivalent to launch? Klinks get BoPs and Karfi Frigates. Should Feds get something like that? What would even be? Whats the equivalent?

A defiant?(Lol say hello to 4 defiants coming at you.)

Maybe just Sabers.

I dunno.
Actually, the B'rel used by the Klingon Carrier would actually be equal to a base fed escort (the LT COMM ones i.e. Saber, rapier, Ushaan) and the next step up would be the C-Store version (Gladius Class) with default weapons and special console.

they are SMALLER is size to the B'rel so adding a wing of 2 per bay is reasonable and, imo, If the devs are going to clone every thing that only the klingons had to the fed side, might as well do this too.

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