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Originally Posted by rezking View Post
You TOTALLY missed the point.
You make 8k, then what?
Have you read ANY of the complaints?
I've posted it before, I'll post it again:
Season 7 is BROKEN.
You can make 8k and then... Play The Game (tm).

Seriously. Either you like the core concept of this game or you don't - why are you here if you don't enjoy actually playing this game? The meta-game stuff... it's all icing on the top of the cake. You don't need to participate in Fleets, and the holding system didn't exist years back when most of us started playing. Borg gear didn't either. If you played then and enjoyed the game, what fundamentally has changed to make you hate it? The mechanics haven't changed, just the reward structure.

So if you're only playing the for rewards... why bother? Just make yourself a spreadsheet that says "+10000000 dilithium" every time you press a button.

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