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Originally Posted by thisisoverlord View Post
And this justifies the butchering of Salt Vampires how?

And I assumed that the Hfihar colony was providing the New Romulus colony with raw materials.
Don't know about the providing part, haven't played it yet with in depth analaysing the story.
I just know that the salt vampires are remnants of Tal Shiar genetic experiments who got out after we blew up teh base and seemd to have multiplied since then.
We don't really know anything about the situation there until we beam down there and find shocking evidence of them existing with an imminent attack that forces us into self defense and protecting the miners which would be slaughtered without help.
And after the first wave we are evacuating the miners off the planet.

I don't see any sort of attack on the salt vampires or slaughtering (well, no more slaughtering then in any other mission whith NPCS with a red rectangle).