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11-19-2012, 07:41 AM
Another way to look at it is as a Diplomat you are granting Diplomatic Immunity.

Although I do agree that DI could have been a self-only buff, for whatever reason it is not.

My concern with this topic is that an idea was posited that the buff should be acquired within DAYS. Also that Cryptic doesn't want to deal with it. Both are crazy false in my opinion. In an MMO I fully expect to work and wait for something the character does not have to start with. And based on the wish lists posters put on the message baord for the Devs to fix, this (in my opinion) is utterly mnor compared to what could be fixed or added (like the cost of DOff reassignment?).

For my part, add some rewards in the other commendations before reworking Diplomacy. For example, under Development Commendation the top rank would allow the owner to craft items at a 50% discount on required quantity of items to make the thing. Getting a Puple DOff is neat, but that's a lot ... A LOT of work for that one dude.
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