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11-19-2012, 07:55 AM
First off, I'm medicated so this might not be intelligible.

I come here because I ride the coattails of the accomplished min/maxers. I could never have conceived of something like ACT on my own, so I come here to find people capable of writing a plug-in.

I fly what is fun for me, but I also want to be as efficient as possible when I'm playing. I enjoy theory crafting and when I can't play during the day I often toy with builds on paper.

I am not trying to bash Cryptic or the devs with this statement, ok? But information isn't available in-game, or tooltips are wrong if it is. So I come here.

That's why I want to see the greats like Hilbert and other guide authors get some kudos, so they stick around and keep helping the community.

This is the first game I've ever PvP'd in regularly and I still don't consider myself a PvP'er in general. I have given PvP in other games a chance since finding such satisfaction with STO's PvP matches. Not every match, of course, but a well fought PvP match beats an STF with all the opts for me in terms of fun and sense of accomplishment.

I don't think the clock can be turned back on things like lockbox ships or consoles, but I do speak out against things that prevent a sense of accomplishment. Like an ability with no counter or a broken mechanic.

Alright I'm going to the docs, I'll edit this later if I need to because my head is full of wool right now.